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VHIT BOOM is a new and unique vaporizer that uses dry tobacco and turn it to vapor. It has a simple design and easy to use structure.
we created this page to help you in every detail concerning this vaporizer.
If you have any questions not found in this page feel free to ask us using our social media pages or by email.

How dose the unit work?
Press the button 5 times continuously to turn on the power, wait 10 seconds, the button LED light will turn white to green. Now can start to use. The green LED light will remain on for 5 seconds before the unit turns off.
How dose the air valve works?
When depressing the ait valve, it allows the air to be unrestricted, giving maximum amount of smoke.
When do I need to re-charge the battery?
After pressing the battery button for 5 times while the LED light turns red, you need to charge the battery, if the LED light flashes red continuously, the battery power is empty.
How many times can I use with each load
When loading the metal tube at 90% to 100% full, it will allow the user to heat up at least twice.